Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oatmeal, Take 6

No matter what, I can't get the Coach's Oats to be the same consistency every day by using the directions on the back of the bag. First thing in the morning, I'm probably not really measuring with much accuracy.

1/3 cup of Coach's Oats diluted to 1 cup with water, zapped in the microwave for 2 minutes at 70% power (image above) and then stirred looks like this:

It's too wet, like soup.

What I do now, which adds some texture, is add more dry Oats. Just an eyeballed quantity to soak up excess water, maybe a tablespoon.

The extra Oats are stirred in to give them a head start on cooking in the hot oatmeal, I add in dry cranberries.

And cinnamon. I like the cinnamon. Stir it in.

Just a tiny pinch of cloves. That stuff is fairly potent, so go easy. I like to stir in the cinnamon first so I can see exactly how much clove is going in.

And stirred for the last time. Now it's perfect.