Monday, February 18, 2013

Fresh Bread Crumbs

For the longest time I thought I had no way to make fresh bread crumbs at home and resorted to the blue container.

And sure, now that I have this gadget it makes fresh bread crumb prep insanely easy.

Throw some torn fresh bread of choice (I used La Brea Italian) into the chopper bowl and give it a couple zizz's until they are chopped into crumbs.

Do it more than once if you need more.

But you know what else I found out you can use? A sieve. I learned that from Larousse recently. Just rub the bread against the mesh and, voila!, bread crumbs. If you don't have a sieve use your box grater. I learned that from watching a food shows on PBS; unfortunately I forget which one. But it was just a blip in the show, sort of like, "okay, so we'll get the bread crumbs [grate, grate, grate] and get them in here with the ..." You get my drift. I was dumbfounded, sort of like when I found out about the easy way to core and slice apples.

I'll also remember to watch this video of Lidia's should I ever need seasoned bread crumbs. So simple!