Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coastal Range Organics Young Chickens, 2

The first time I bought these chickens, one of the two bags was open. There was a breach at the clip that was supposed to close the bag.

This time, one of the bags is leaking. The plastic is heavy duty so I'm gonna guess it was banged around during shipping and handling.

There's even a chance, a slight chance, that I banged the chickens around and poked a hole in it. Doubtful, but there's that possibility and it's the only reason I won't complain about the price.

Four breasts (on the plate), two frames, two bags of two leg quarters, four tenderloins, and four wings. The boobs are dinner tomorrow so are going into the fridge; the rest is going into the freezer.

Coastal Range Organic Young Chickens in the meat section at Costco for $2.49/lb.