Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kenmore Elite Basting Brush

I was at KMart for a shower curtain. While there, I looked for a basting brush made out of something besides real hair.

The brush I have, a boars bristle brush (similar to this), is fantastic for brushing and basting. But I started using it to apply thin coats of oil to cast iron and I cannot get that brush completely clean to save my life. It's now the cast-iron-oiling brush.

All the brushes were Made in China.

A means to mitigate that circumstance from ever happening again is silicone. Particularly one that says "easy to clean" right on it.

Judging by the spaces between the bristles, it should fit the bill.

Kenmore Elite Silicone/Stainless Steel Basting Brush in the kitchen section of KMart for about $10.

I have not used this brush a whole ton since I bought it. I hate it now. It works fine but it holds water, which is the utmost of grossness. After hand-washing because I don't have a dishwasher, I put it in the dish drainer thing bristle side up so the part I use to touch food isn't sitting in stagnant drain water. Not that there's a ton, but there is some. And then after it's dry, I put it bristle-side up in the tool caddy thing on the counter. When I went to use it the last two times, water poured out. If you look at the last picture above, you can see where the bristles are one plastic piece and it's inserted into the plastic piece that makes up the bottom of the handle. That's where the water gets in and stays. I'm gonna get a new brush, and when I do I'll be inspecting them for water-retention potentials and then select the best of the bunch.