Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shun 8" Chef's Knife Sharpened

Just after I started draining the pumpkin puree Feb 23rd, I clicked some photos of the knife. Click on them to see the blade and it's non-sharpness.

You should be able to see that it's pretty jagged. And before I changed my mind I put the sheath on it and dropped if off at Chef's Toys. I left the knife and the $3.75 for the service. I felt like I was sending my kid away to summer camp boarding one of my cats. It sucked.

I picked the knife up and am stoked to have it back. I didn't realize how much I was accustomed to this bad boy until I had to go back to my old Henckels. For one, this Shun is just bigger and with knives, I see now bigger is definitely better. But I like this part, just past the handle, at the spine of the blade where it narrows. My forefinger and thumb grab right there and it feels great.

But today, the most important part is checking out the blade.

And that baby is sharp. Not one notch or burr on it. So yeah, it looks like sharpening more than once every four years is definitely the way to go.

Knife sharpening available at Chef's Toys for $3.75 a knife, not by the inch. Totally worth it.