Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cost of Lunch, week ending 011510

As part of my plan to tally the cost of lunch, I'll update this post daily, until the end of the work week:
  1. Monday: Jack in the Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
  2. Tuesday: Crap, I forgot my lunch from home.  Stupid Jack in the Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
  3. Wednesday:  I'm sick and stayed home.
  4. Thursday: I'm sure I'm dying; I stayed home.
  5. Friday: I'm pretty sure I'm not dying; went to work, had a Sourdough Jack. Free, due to a coupon.
Total: $12.  This is biased by the fact that I was out sick two days.  Two days where I slept 40 of 48 hours.  When I was awake, I ate Samyang Ramen or tortilla chips and salsa.

Salt is where it's at when you're sick, lemme tell you.