Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wine Braised Chuck Roast Tacos

Wine-braised beef, refried beans, onions, cilantro and a little sprinkle of Mexican-blend cheese on a warm flour tortilla.

Since we had such a pile of beef left from dinner last night, it only made sense to have some tacos. And since I slaved away for four hours last night, Rodney cranked out the tacos. I love tacos.

What's really great about them is how they are so simple to make and you can put whatever you have available (or not) on them.

Rodney coursely chopped the remaining wine braised chuck roast.

And heated the saucy stuff in a large skillet.

Sauteed the beef until hot. Meanwhile, refried beans were heating in the microwave and tortillas were heating in another skillet.

When the beef was hot and some edges were crispy, it was piled it up on the cutting board.

We built our tacos assembly-line fashion.

Check out Rodney's plate!

Grab some chips and salsa, dinner's done.