Saturday, January 9, 2010

Orechiette with No-Cook Tuna Sauce

Pasta with No-Cook Tuna Sauce and double the tuna.

Saturday through Sunday afternoon is usually when I try to avoid cooking and we eat whatever's left in the refrigerator. This time, pickin's were slim, so I opted to make this pasta. After all, we had all the ingredients and pasta sounded pretty good to me. Rodney was not excited about it, though he was on the verge of getting grumpy from hunger.

Enquiring minds found out that he didn't think there's ever enough tuna. Fair enough, I do use 4 oz more pasta than what the recipe calls for and keep the quantities of everything else the same. We agreed that I'd use two cans of tuna, but drain the second to prevent the entire thing from being soupy.

I prepared the pasta as usual, getting it to the point where tuna was to be added.

I opened two cans of tuna and drained one.

Isn't it wild how they look so different? Both of these were Kirkland albacore and they typically look like the one on the right. Except with water of course.

The two cans of tuna were added and mixed into the pasta, dispersing large hunks of tuna.

I thought it was going to be over the top with tuna, but it worked out ok. Draining the one can was certainly a good idea.

The extra tuna brought each of six servings to about $2.