Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Plan and Grocery List, 012410

While last week's eating out of the freezer was fun, and sure we could most certainly continue eating out of the freezer another full week, and though I finally did my taxes for the last 3 years and found I owe every government a ton of money, I couldn't help but look at new recipes. 

But isn't it true that freezers work best and are most energy conservative when full?  And what is the best way to get your mind off money due to the IRS than shopping for food?

With that, but primarily due to the fact that we were out of ramen noodles and chickens are on sale for $0.77/lb, it was time I went shopping.
  • Lemon-Orange Orange Roughy and baked delicata squash
  • Carnitas tacos
  • Soy-Braised Ginger Chicken with steamed white rice and kimchi
  • Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Shallots accompanied and mashed potatoes
012210, Costco:
  • orange roughy*: $18.89/2.5 lb
  • tortillas: $3.25
  • Mexican-blend cheese: $5.59
  • ground beef: $1.52/~6 lbs
  • red potatoes: $4.79/10 lbs
  • butter: $6.69/4 lbs
  • tortilla chips: $6.18/6 lbs
  • taco seasoning: $4.99
  • vanilla: $6.49
  • basil (organic, even): $2.79
  • TOTAL: $61.18
012410, HMart:
  • shallots: $0.26/0.13 lb
  • minneola oranges $1.01/2.05 lb
  • bananas: $1.04/2.09 lb
  • garlic: $1.29/6 bulbs
  • satsuma oranges: $1.04/1.32 lb
  • yellow onions: $0.58/1.76 lb
  • lemons $0.66/0.33 ea
  • ginger: $0.19/0.14 lb
  • bekse ju rice wine: $3.99/350 mL
  • TOTAL: 10.41
012410, Stater Bros.:
  • eggs: $2.59/18
  • McCormick thyme leaves: $3.99
  • black beans: $3.56/4-15 oz cans
  • iodized salt: $0.50
  • whole chicken: $3.36 @ $0.77/lb
  • whole chicken: $3.87 @ $0.77/lb
  • whole chicken: $3.90 @ $0.77/lb
  • whole chicken: $3.69 @ 0.77/lb
  • Farmer John sausage links: $1.18/lb
  • pork butt roast: $3.81 @ $0.99/lb
  • green onions: $.79
  • TOTAL: $27.63
Grand Total: $100.01.

*On a whim we purchased orange roughy rather than our usual salmon at Costco.  When I arrived home and excitedly started browsing for a recipe found that this fish takes 30 or more years to mature and can live to 149 years.  From the deep sea, orange roughy is probably going to become extinct from overfishing! 

I am having a hard time believing Costco, who recently stopped purchasing Coca-Cola because the companies couldn't come to a pricing agreement -- over carbonated water and caramel syrup, no less -- and then resumed purchasing Coca-Cola due to a fair pricing agreement, ultimately to provide us Costco-card holders better savings, carries these frozen fillets!

Is Costco only about the savings and not at all about the possibly soon-to-be endangered fish?

Before I get all crazy over it, I will do more research.  Meanwhile, since I'd already purchased this bag of frozen white fillets, I will eat them and be sure none of it goes to waste.  I can't imagine that it would do the fish population any good if I stand in the Returns line at Costco with a 2.5 lb bag of thawing fish in my arms. 

Until I know more, be sure that I won't buy additional orange roughy fillets.