Monday, January 18, 2010

Cost of Lunch, week ending 012210

  1. Monday: Subway, a Spicy Italian with pepper-jack, all the veggies possible, splashes of oil and vinegar, and pepper (no salt -- got enough of that last week!) = $2.99
  2. Tuesday: The Corner Bakery, a Chicken Pomodori panini =$8
  3. Wednesday: Carl's Jr., an Original $6 Cheeseburger = $5
  4. Thursday: Jack in the Box, Southwest Chicken Salad = $6
  5. Friday: Sandella's, Tuscan Chicken Panini = $5
Total: $26.99.

This is a very good representation of what I eat and how much it costs at work. I'll work on reducing this from now on by bringing food from home.