Friday, January 8, 2010

Cost of Lunch, work week ending 010810

Two months ago, I said I'd start tallying the cost of my lunch.  My intentions were good; I thought I could remember what I ate each day and post it at the end of the week.  I wound up faltering right away. 

Since this is a new year, I'm going to make it a point to at least do this.  I won't call it a resolution, but more a daily regiment.  It may frighten me to find out how much money I consume during 30-60 minutes at work each day, but I think it will be beneficial.  Maybe it will scare me into bringing food from home.
  • Monday: Jack In The Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
  • Tuesday: Las Golondrinas Chicken Burrito: $4.62
  • Wednesday: Jack in the Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
  • Thursday: Jack in the Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
  • Friday: Jack in the Box Southwestern Chicken Salad: $6
Total: $28.62.

I think this is right. Anyway, it's a good average, a good base-line.  Assuming there are four weeks in a month, I'm doing $114.48.  Per month.  For lunch.  Just me.  Alone.  Lunch.  Me.