Thursday, January 7, 2010

Costco Pizza

A couple weeks ago, I read one of the American Express offers I received from AmEx/Costco in the mail. I felt sort of silly for not having read earlier offers since I'd get a 3% back on gas, 2% back at restaurants, and 1% back everywhere else. I don't think I buy anything except gas and food, so this would be a total win for me.

When I went to Costco, I brought my application with me and stood in the "new customer/help" line. I knew I'd be approved, but what I really wanted was the new card that day to charge the stuff I'd be buying for Xmas at a 0% introductory rate. Not only did I receive my card, I got a free pizza out of the deal. I'm not sure if you are aware, but I LOVE pizza and have it as often as possible.

Finally, after many attempts to acquire said pizza, the stars were aligned and it happened. Unfortunately, the pizza was stone cold by the time we brought in all the Costco goods from the truck, put them away, and settled in to chow.

It was a pizza. A regular pizza from Costco, like any you'd get from them when you grab a quick slice before or after shopping. The "right" amount of crust to sauce to cheese to other toppings ratio. Nothing spectacular, but not gross either. I was disappointed that it was cold.

I'm not completely certain, but I think they offer cheese, pepperoni or supreme, each 18" pie for $10.99. I won't be going out of my way to get one of these, but it was nice to have a freebie.



This afternoon I indulged in a slice of leftover Costco pizza (Isn't that cute? I said indulged as if I was treating myself, as if I didn't know I'd have pizza for breakfast/lunch/brunch).

I warmed a slice in a covered skillet until it was hot, but the crust not burnt.

And boy, oh boy, it was so much better than it was last night. Pizza is like pasta in that it is so much better the next day -- if you know what you're doing when reheating it. Always, always, always, reheat pizza in a skillet. I pity the foo' that don't!