Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food Plan and Grocery List, 042812

I need to get more of what's in the freezer out. While I made some of a dent, the acquisition of chickens, though I ate most of them immediately after purchase, meant more wings, drumsticks and frames going into the freezer. A recipe to use some of that stock and all of those wings are of necessity. And because I don't want to waste the ricotta that's left, I'm going to redo an older recipe.

Bittman wings
Caramelized Potatoes
Shrimp and Spring Vegetable Risotto
Pasta with Peas, Sausage and Ricotta
Chocolate Almond Torte

Grower's Direct:
  • lemon: $0.31/0.39 lb
  • asparagus: $2.19/1.10 lb
  • sugar/Chinese/snow peas: $0.75/0.30 lb
  • onion: $0.27/0.55 lb
  • pineapple: $3.52/5.10 lb
  • fresh basil: $1.65/0.15 oz
  • TOTAL: $8.69

Stater Bros:
  • Stater Bros medium (51-60) shrimp: $9.98/2 lb
  • Alta Dena 2% milk: $0.99/pint
  • Stater Bros cage-free eggs: $3.79/dozen
  • Stater Bros frozen green peas: $1.50/lb
  • Barilla rotini: $1.50/12 oz
  • Barilla rotini: $1.50/12 oz
  • Ghirardelli bittersweet chips: $4.29/10-oz
  • Ghirardelli bittersweet chips: $4.29/10-oz
  • Stater Bros hot Italian sausage: $3.99/lb
  • TOTAL: $31.83

Grand Total: $40.52
Total for the year: $834.77

I still need to buy some Arborio rice.