Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ralph's Diced Peeled Tomatoes in Juice Go Pureed

I looked for pureed tomatoes after picking up that choice chuck roast, but didn't see any on the shelves. For some reason it seems like pureed tomatoes are a rarity, sort of like fire-roasted diced tomatoes.

These are the tomatoes I picked up many moons ago for Short Ribs Jambalaya, then I decided fire-roasted tomatoes would be better for that dish. It's a little shocking how much sodium there is in a simple can of tomatoes.

Hopeful the tomatoes were seeded, I dumped the can into the blender.

Zizzing it a few seconds on the puree setting, I got tomato puree. No wonder tomato puree isn't sold all over the place. It takes five seconds to make at home.

Ralph's Peeled Tomatoes in Juice, Diced, available in the canned vegetable aisle for $1.49/28-oz can.