Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snap Peas

Mid 2000's, I took a ride up to the UP (pronounced "you-pee", that's the Upper Peninsula for those of you who aren't Michiganders) with my dad to visit Ronnie Rall.

Ronnie had retired from racing and ran a farm; on it he was raising some of the best peas I'd ever eaten. Ronnie had offered us a tour and insisted on our trying vegetables right from the plants. He didn't have to tell me twice!

Anyone with a garden is extremely fortunate to have the luxury (and labor!) of truly fresh food. The snap peas I picked up were chosen from a bin rather than a vine. While not just-picked fresh, they'll work.

First I looked up how to prepare these things and found that stringing snap peas is customary and so I did that, rinsing them well first.

And then I commenced with slicing them on a diagonal, or bias, for a tart.

Snap peas, available at Grower's Direct, for $1.47/0.59 lb.