Tuesday, April 9, 2013

KitchenAid Graters

I have two graters. They aren't box graters, but are like a box grater but with only one plane that can do three things: coarse grate, slice, and fine grate. I've had them a few years and they're pretty cruddy now. The white one, my first one is really (old, like 20 years, and) crappy and I don't even know why I keep it. It barely grates anymore. The black one still works  and is made with better (non-cracking) plastic but is rusting and the adhesive that holds the black plastic to the metal is peeling away so it holds water. And that's just gross.

I'd looked at other brands but sort of got overwhelmed with the fact that there is a single grater for a single purpose. Looking for something simpler, I thought this tri-pack, with a medium, fine, and coarse grater.

I liked that they were made my KitchenAid which has a decent reputation but was disappointed that not everything they make is done in the US.

After getting the package open, which wasn't exactly easy, I liked that the plastic handles were made of the same plastic that my old black one is made of. I liked that the grating planes of each one has a pretty good-sized surface area, a problem I had with each of the old ones. Each has a cover that slides on to protect the sharp edges so I wouldn't have to worry that they'd get damaged banging around in the tool drawer. And each has a little rubbery-plastic triangular-shaped foot so you can plant it and get to gratin' without it sliding around.

After washing them, I put the fine grater to the test by gettin' busy zesting a lemon (and then using the juice for caramels). The action on this is smooooth, man, real smooth, practically effortless. And the way it's designed, you get just the zest, no pith! I mean, look at this lemon!

Scoop the rest of the zest from the concave back of the grater. And then clean-up is a cinch with a rinse and dry.

KitchenAid three-pack of graters, available in the kitchen section of Costco for $19.99 + some for the man.