Saturday, April 6, 2013

Margaux de Chevre Plain Goat Cheese

Do you like goat cheese? I don't mind a little bit on pizza, mixed in with other cheeses. But I couldn't imagine eating a pile of it like I can hard cow cheeses. Sometimes though, I stretch my boundaries and find a log of goat cheese.

The thing about goat cheese is it's real tangy. Super tangy. It sometimes catches me off guard and I'm like, "Ugh, what the ... oh, wait, hmm, that's not too bad."

And look how goopy it looks. Another thing I'm not exactly a fan of.

Soft yet spreadable. I didn't taste this one but I will in a strata. When it's mixed in with other cheese, just the way I prefer.

Margaux de Chevre Plain Goat Cheese, distributed by DPI out of Ontario, CA, though I can't find it on their website, available in the cheese case outside the deli at Ralph's for $11.99/11 oz.