Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flank Steak

I've only used flank steak once before, when I used it in Korean Tacos. That time I bought it from Costco so there were two steaks in the package.

This time I only wanted one steak and got it from Ralph's. Flank steak is pretty pricey and I think the deal is better at Costco if you have the need for a few pounds.

When removing it from the package, you'll find that it's rolled up.

Unrolling it, it's fairly massive. One side will have some fat and the other none at all.

After cooking it, be sure to cut it across the grain or else it'll be like chewing rubbery leather. See that slit in the beef? You'll want to cut perpendicular relative to that slit, which just happens to run along the grain.

Flank steak available in the beef section of the meat cooler at Ralph's for $7.99/lb.