Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aidells Italian-Style Smoked Chicken and Turkey Sausage

While I'm leary to eat sausage (except on pizza only an out-of-control pizza-loaded-with-tons-of-toppings obsession can explain), I was surprised by how tasty Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage was even though it was made of chicken, which is usually something I would steer completely clear of as far as sausage is concerned. I'm talking a very wide berth. Huge. Let me remind you: I have worked in a meat-packing plant. Not just one or two days, but six years. I've seen lots of chicken and most of it was not what you, I or the meat-packing plant called meat.

When this latest issue of Cooking Club magazine showed up in the mail and I saw a recipe for a dish with chicken sausage, I wasn't clamoring to try the recipe or buy more sausage. However, I either haven't learned a thing from working in the food industry or I have grown some in the cooking and expanding-food-choices arena. It's a 50:50, more likely a 75:25, but I like to think of myself as somehow more worldly. Biggest factor of all, Aidells sausage wasn't gross.

So I put the recipe in the queue and looked for Aidells brand when I shopped. Sure enough, Aidells had a sausage to fit the bill. I examined it for mechanically-separated-chicken or turkey; not seeing any in the statement, I bought a pack.

Aidells Italian-Style Smoked Chicken and Turkey Sausage, a 12 oz pack of four links, is available at Ralph's for $5.99. Apparently, the last time I bought sausage, it was on sale or prices have gone up. If you really love Aidells, know it's available at Costco at a better price, but only select varieties.