Friday, April 16, 2010

Laventina's Pizza, an Oldie but Goodie

Tonight was originally to be the night where I prepare the Pasta Primavera with Walnuts, but we'd eaten all of the asparagus. Rodney didn't feel like battling a store for one item and opted to get pizza instead, which is always a good thing for me. I do love pizza!

Laventina's, you are always welcome in our home.

The box was opened and slices shoveled onto plates.

Our standard order, a large pizza with pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions and black olives.

Then, I noticed this:

Does Laventina's pizzas always leave moisture in the box? Probably. Why haven't I ever noticed before? Because I was too busy filling my pie-hole to notice. From now on, I promise to never criticize another pizza for leaving moisture in the box unless there is a significant quantity.

As you know, I love Laventina's* and really, as far as I'm concerned, they do no wrong. I'm calibrating my pizza standard tonight.

*Please note that my love for Laventina's is nothing compared to that of Vitale's on 834 Leonard NW, Grand Rapids, MI. Vitale's is king. Placing an order for pick-up at Vitale's would require a road trip of approximately 70-80 hours non-stop. Logistically, I haven't been able to swing that...yet.