Monday, April 12, 2010

Classic Saffron Rice, Take 3

Tonight I made Classic Saffron Rice with water instead of any sort of stock, you know, just to see what how it would turn out. I had stock, but wanted to see how much the stock flavors were the result of such a heavenly rice side. Evidently, I'm sado-masochistic.

Consider me learned. Heed this lesson: if a rice recipe calls for stock, use whatever you have. Don't, under any circumstances but the most dire, use water.

The rice appeared like it did the first time I made it, all bright and yellow and fluffy and tempting. But the flavor was essentially non-existent. The saffron was prominent, but it turns stock makes or breaks the rice.

FYI: here's a link to when I made the original recipe and here's a link to when I used long-grain rice and vegetable stock.