Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carl's Jr Original Six Dollar Burger

A bag full of dinner.

By the time I had dealt with all of the chicken thighs I bought at a super-fantastic price (bagging them into meal-sized portions) and prepared the Korean chicken thighs to marinate overnight, it was getting pretty late. Rodney and I weighed our options and decided on getting Carl's Jr., better known as Hardee's in parts of the nation where Best Foods mayo is labeled Hellmann's.

Digging into the bag, the fries are pulled out first. Now, I like Carl's Jr. fries, especially since they started "showing some skin", but why is it that each and every fry container is never filled? I mean, a large fry was ordered so I want a large fry, not a small fry in a large box. The perforated bottom is never pushed up to open the container fully which would allow a large fry to be a large fry. We're constantly gyped.

My standard order is the Original Six Dollar Burger, available in southern CA for $3.99. I like everything about it: the peppery burger that extends bun edge-to-edge, the fresh onions, tomato slices and hunks of lettuce. The mayo is usually too much, but the majority tends to squirt out the back and sides of the burger so I'm not actually eating all that goo. The sweet pickles though, man alive, I wish they'd go with a dill.

Rodney's order of late is the Mushroom and Swiss Six Dollar Burger. Like mine, there are big slices of tomatoes, red onions and a hunk of lettuce. Rodney tends to pick out all of his onions and the majority of the lettuce, which is a shame in my opinion. That black thing up there between the burger and bun is a mushroom, hopefully looking like a black olive due to poor lighting.
Notice the cat sitting at attention in the background, facing Rodney. Rodney tends to drop bits and Spooky is completely in tune to it. What I haven't figured out yet is whether Rodney's "mishaps" are intentional.

A Mushroom-Swiss Combo, large, plus Original Six Dollar Burger (sandwich only) can be snagged at Carl's Jr. (24-hours a day at some locations) for just under $15.