Monday, December 24, 2012

Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate Squares

Whenever I need some unsweetened chocolate squares, I look for one of these boxes.

Check out the ingredients. It's one item: chocolate. And look, chocolate has iron and fiber. We'll ignore the fat.

Conveniently, each square is one ounce. So if you need three ounces of chopped unsweetened chocolate, you just count out the squares.

Unwrap them.

Notice for the first time that there's a lady in a dress circa 1800 on each of the halves making up a square.

Line the chocolates up on a cutting board if you're OCD.

And get to choppin'.

Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate Squares available in the baking aisle at Smart & Final for $4.69 a 8-oz box, making each 1-oz square about $0.59.