Saturday, December 15, 2012

Taylor Candy and Deep-Fry Thermometer

When making candy of any kind, it's recommended you use a candy thermometer. So I went to the store and picked this one.

I've used Taylor temp sticks before and they seem to work fine. This one should be no different. I laughed when I saw that it's "made to our exact specifications in China". I should hope that regardless where their products are manufactured it's to spec. The cynic in me believes that's their way of making it seem less American to buy Chinese-made stuff.

Good for candies and deep frying, I'm sure to get a ton of use with this gadget.

I liked the easy-to-read numbers in both F and C. The candy stages are distinguished too which could be handy.

I liked this aspect the best. Unlike the traditional candy thermometer, the bulb is never going to touch the bottom of the pan. As long as the bulb is appropriately submerged, the temperature of the liquid will be measured rather than the pan itself.

Of course, the package came with instructions for use. I may need to reference this in the future.

Taylor Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer available in the kitchen section of Target for $9.99.