Saturday, December 1, 2012

Swiss Dairy Heavy Whipping Cream

If you decide to buy heavy whipping cream from Costco, you'll be looking for this carton. It has a cute little puffy milkman on it.

Looking at the ingredient statement and (finally) comparing brands I've purchased so far (Ralph's heavy and regular, and Market Pantry) it seems Ralph's tends to dilute their whipping creams with skim milk.

Why Ralph's would dilute their heavy cream? The nutrition facts for theirs is the same as the undiluted Swiss Dairy and Market Pantry so there is no gain there.

Knowing now that adding skim milk isn't a standard in whipping cream ingredients across the board, I'll be sticking to those that give me my heavy cream money's worth.

Swiss Dairy Heavy Whipping Cream, available in a dairy cooler at Costco for $3.83 a quart. It looks like this is the most cost-effective cream anyway.


Katie1953 said...

Too bad they put carrageenan in it. Heavy whipping cream doesn't need to have a thickener added. This ingredient has been used in medical studies to *induce inflammation* when testing anti-inflammatories.

The Cook said...

Katie, I don't doubt your statements. I've ranted already about "stuff" being put into food for the sake of "improving" it unnecessarily, particularly yogurt. Why does yogurt need pectin and high fructose corn syrup? I don't get it! I chalk it up to companies learning that American's like/expect a certain mouth-feel and they'll eat it if that mouth-feel is there. Meanwhile those companies can bulk up in $ with cheap additives. It's so irritating.

Do you have an alternative to recommend? I just did a quick check on SLFiH and all the creams I've purchased have carageenan. :(