Sunday, December 9, 2012

Roast and Puree a Carving Pumpkin, Take 5

This is it! The last pumpkin. That's not a tiny cutting board, it's a huge pumkin.

While scraping out the goo, I decided the seeds from this one should be roasted.

Look at how one half of this pumpkin dwarfs the roasted pumpkin.

It's so big, I had to roast each half by itself. I couldn't get both halves in the oven simultaneously.

As soon as the first half was out of the oven, this half went in. The stem was so giant I couldn't even cut through it, I had to cut around it.

This is about 12 cups of puree. Some of it is from Take 4, that little one shown above.

This is about 12 cups of additional puree.

The grand total on the puree from 5 pumpkins is about 57 cups. FIFTY SEVEN. Is this insane? I think so too. I guess I'll have a pumpkin bake-fest for a year.