Monday, December 31, 2012

Paul's Famous Burgers

The location on 19th Street formerly known as TK Burgers is now Paul's.

I noticed this a couple of weeks ago. After a day trip where I tried to figure out what the heck to get my nephew for his birthday, I meandered over to Paul's to give it a whirl.

Thinking a burger would be good, I bypassed Five Guys specifically to try Paul's.

I was a little disappointed when I entered the building. It was exactly like TK burgers. Nothing had changed. No, that's not true. They swapped out paper cups for styrofoam. And paper wraps the burger now instead of foil.

The burger is ok, the fries tolerable. While I wish I dying to support Paul with more of my cash, I doubt that will happen.

Bacon cheeseburger combo: $7.48 OTD.