Sunday, December 2, 2012

Knudsen Hampshire Sour Cream

Not only is the cream cheese bigger at Costco, the sour cream is just gigantic.

This might be the most ridiculous thing I'll ever buy at Costco. The size is incredible. I'm happy though that it's just cultured pasteurized cream.

At the store this didn't seem THAT crazy. But at the store, this is sitting next to vats of yogurt and 4-lb blocks of butter. It fit in there.

At home, it takes up about a sixth of one of my refrigerator shelves. It's massive. And using it in quantities less than a cup at a time means it's going to be around a while.

Knudsen sour cream, available in the Costco dairy cooler for $3.99 a 3-lb tub, making each cup about $0.71.