Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clean Rust Stain from Granite Countertop

I was worried this rust stain was going to be the very reason I wouldn't get my security deposit back when I eventually move out of this apartment. Like a boob, I left a couple of cast iron skillets on the countertop for weeks with the idea that I'd do something with them "soon". Since this is where I stack my dirty dishes after rinsing, it's not difficult to imagine that the cast iron got wet and started rusting, leaving their marks.

Rather than panic, this was an opportunity to practice something I might have to do as a homeowner later. And if I botched it, well, I was already looking at losing the deposit for jackin' up the granite anyway so no further loss, right? Right.

Baking soda is a mild-to-non-abrasive cleaner. I poured a good dose on the stain.

In order to make a nice paste, I sprinkled on some water. Not a lot, just enough to wet some of the baking soda.

With an older sponge, I applied slight pressure to work the soda paste against the stain on the granite as well as the stainless sink to yield a dirty paste.

Rinsing the sponge and wiping the granite and stainless, I liked the progress I was seeing. The sink looked brand new but the granite needed a little bit more work.

Working so well on that stain, I figured I may as well do that entire portion of the countertop. More baking soda was sprinkled on and wetted.

The final results are very pleasing. The rust stain is gone from the stainless and granite!

The granite I could have probably taken better care of over the past few years - the original color is that of the right-hand edge of the countertop. I didn't know when I moved in here that granite was sensitive to repeated exposure to water and/or soap. Oops. I never cared for stone before.

There you have it, a baking soda paste will handle rust stains on granite and stainless in just a matter of minutes. You can leave your neglected cast iron on your countertops without worry.


Anonymous said...

It worked! Thanks so much, I had the exact same thing happen with my cast irons. Easy cleanup to something that definitely gave me a scare.

The Cook said...

Good to hear that you had good results and it wasn't just a fluke on my end!

Joni said...

This post just saved me!!! I never comment on blog post but I HAD to tell you that the baking soda worked after nothing else did including my beloved magic eraser pads! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Han Nguyen said...

Worked for me too. Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes worked for me as well, thank you very much!!!

Herry Johnson said...
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The Cook said...

Lol! Awesome, glad to see hear that it worked for you as well, Joni, Han, and Anon!

Me said...

Didn't work 4 me.

Ron Cori said...

no luck.